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Bike Tube Suspenders with Gear Detail

These unique, vegan suspenders are made from recycled bike tubes and decorated with details of recycled tire and rivets. Three antique brass clips to fasten to your waistband, two in the front and one in the back. The suspenders are adjustable in the front, by about 10cm. The tubes are fastened to a recycled bike gear in the back of the suspenders. The edges of the gear are not sharp, but those with metal allergies should be aware - the gears are steel, some stainless, some with an anodized finish. 

The gears and tire detail used will not be exactly as pictured, as we use a variety of recycled materials. However, they will be close in size and style to the ones pictured. Every pair of Oxyd suspenders saves about 2 bike tubes, plus a gear, from the landfill - so thanks for helping recycle this beautiful material!

SIZES :: Please measure from the top of your pants waistband in the back, over your shoulder, to the top of your waistband in the front.

Small: 85 - 98cm
Medium: 98 - 114cm
Large: 113 - 133cm

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