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Bike Tube and Leather Belt Pouch - Brown

This unique pouch is made from brown leather and recycled bike tubes. It is held closed with an acrylic tooth piece, attached to a recycled bike chain that is riveted to the flap. This closure system is very reliable, and unlike snaps, will never open accidentally.

Carry all your precious items on your belt! This pouch is designed to slide onto belts that are up to 5.5cm wide. Or pop it in your bag and away you go. Made from highly durable materials, this pouch will last through years of adventures. 

Size SMALL measures 10cm x 12cm. The small size is ideal for carrying keys, cash, credit cards, pocket watch, small items etc. 

Size MEDIUM measures 16cm x 10cm. The medium size is ideal for carrying keys, cash and cards, most smartphones, etc. 

Size LARGE measures 18cm x 13cm. The large size is perfect for carrying keys, cash and cards, all sizes smartphones, wallet, small notepad, etc. 


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