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Bike Tire Belt Antique Silver Buckle


Made from a used bike tire, sewn onto a bike tube base for a stylish, refined look. The bike tube is reinforced inside with a doubled nylon band to prevent stretch or tear. Complete with a solid, high quality 1 1/4" buckle with antique silver finish.

Please note that every Oxyd belt is unique, depending on the tires used. We don't use any extra-knobby mountain tires, as these are thick and have difficulty fitting into belt loops; nor do we use completely smooth road tires, as we find textured tires more inspiring. Examples of the various treads used are shown in the photos. 

Sizing - Measure at your hip-bones; do not rely on pant sizing
Small: 30"- 36"
Medium: 35"- 42" 
Large: 41"- 47"

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